In our commercial lighting design we push the boundary between the emotions of seriousness and relaxation. Today’s corporate environments need to attract workers and put them in the right emotional state to work. The architecture, interiors and lighting all conspire to put the person into the right state for that corporate identity whether that be a formal banking or law firm space, or a relaxed, youthful, energetic social media or dotcom space. Design is chosen to attract and encourage, making them proud of what they do and especially where they do it.

We design all areas from the building exterior, landscape and parking to the lobby and circulation spaces to the open office, reception, training, conference and board rooms. Todays spaces take a great attention to detail and a flare for the unexpected and unique in the right places. The options for lighting are numerous and amazing and we help you weed through and select the right ones for your style and budget.

“Oldner Lighting are great to work with and Scott and Andrew are right on the ball, full of good ideas and experts at collaborating. Their design empathy gets us on the same page fast, and they find ways to unfold the initial design ideas to refined and beautiful lighting schemes.”

-- Gabor Peli, Architect, Gabor Peli Architect, San Antonio